Monday, December 2, 2013

Angry without a cause?

Why am I so angry!?

what shall I do about it...
I am not justified in my wrath - but my peace does not return.
I myself am as guilty as the rest,
Nothing I can do can rectify it.

I am as hopeless as one can be.

Yet I believe.

I cannot comprehend that God would love a wretch so much as I.
I, who am perhaps more guilty than they, and yet try to justify myself...

I am afraid.
What if they know.

how can I defend myself?

I for whom Christ died?!  and how is He glorified in choosing a foul fool wretch like me anyhow? 
Why do I somehow think I should be privy to know?  Who am I but a dog...

There is no peace, my God says, for the wicked, and I know that by experience.

Oh Lord! help this foolish man!  Hold me together - make me yours.  Satisfy me with your lovingkindness.  For excepting your touch - I would destroy all whom I say I love. 

Hear my prayer Oh God!  Forgive me...

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