Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In the Spirit or in the Flesh?

Read Matthew 18

This whole chapter is reminiscent of the sermon on the mount, and is another challenge to my heart. Consider the television... Is there any good thing there, or should we get rid of it altogether.  And even so - I live in a such a culture that to effectively escape such a time waster as television, I must get rid of the computer and the internet service altogether.

In the end it comes down to this: A personal discipline not to waste time on frivolous matters.  And a personal discipline for a time may be done in the flesh.  But is ought not to be so.  It must ultimately be a work of the Spirit.

In the flesh, for a time - until weakness strikes and I fail, I can stand the test.  But even so, am I standing?  In the flesh I do not obey the commands of the Word, fearing that I dare not let my guard down.  In the flesh, I become a legalist.

It is only in the Spirit victory can be attained.  And in the Spirit I must be humble.  I will be humbled by the Lord in my most obvious weakness.  I will be humbled by the world, those of whom cannot grasp my real motivation and will tag me as a legalist - because that's what it appears to the eye of flesh.

     Give me Spirit led discipline to deny myself when I am becoming too worldly, and a humble heart to do so - when the world mocks me, and a tender ear to listen and obey the Spirits call - regardless of how it looks to this world.  Make me a Godly man, Lord.  Amen

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