Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A devotional commentary on Isaiah 38 (to be read).

A life.

     No matter how long - is too short,

              Especially when told the end of it.

      For we were not supposed to die,

But live.

Hezekiah was told by God to get his house in order, “for you shall die”.  When a man tells another such a thing it is shocking, but it is only the opinion of another man.  Men have been wrong before, and will be so again.  But to receive such a message from the living God – that cannot be ignored!

Yet, though in bitterness, Hezekiah prayed, “Remember now, O LORD, I pray, how I have walked before You in truth and with a loyal heart, and have done what is good in Your sight.”

Dare any man bring to remembrance his ways before the Lord?!  I know I would be afraid, even ashamed, to do so, for who can stand before the Lord?  None, not even one.  But the one trusting in God’s love & salvation – he could stand…  Again I ask, Who dares to presume upon the Lord?

Indeed Hezekiah’s account (38:10-15) describes his struggle to stand reconciled before the living God.  I especially appreciate verse 14, “My eyes fail from looking upward. O LORD, I am oppressed; Undertake for me!”  In verse 16 Hezekiah begins to take a line from Psalm 46:10 (Be still, and know that I am God) and rests from all his defenses.  Oh that we would do likewise!  We cannot stand before Him!

He now begins to account for his sins and is quickly reminded that God is his only hope and has already delivered him from death of a much darker sort – the pit!  In verse 16 – 20, he simply repeats that the living shall praise Him and in that, Hezekiah means two things. While in physical life we do praise God, but after such life is over – only the living – not such as go down to the pit, will praise the Lord, and then in perfection!

Father, may my words be to your praise now and after my departure from this earthly pilgrimage.  Amen.

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