Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Devotional thoughts on Isaiah 66:1-5

I am a morning person.  My Lord knows this. Yet even in the morning I struggle in the understanding of His Word.  It is not like a simple newspaper reading, written at a sixth grade level.  Our Lord – though he condescends is not condescending.  That is to say He does not make it easy – just because we struggle with it.  Sometimes wisdom comes in the struggle with the text.  We see that our God is not some one-dimensional being made up in the mind of a man – though many believe this foolishness.  God is.

And to say that is at once to assault the idea that He is a made up idea – a puppet of our imagination.  God is real and He does not act condescendingly toward us – though He condescends.  It is He who has made us and not we ourselves. (Psalm 100)Since this is so, He knows the stuff we are made of, and knows that those who are His children, who ask, can comprehend His Word.

In verses 1 and 2 (Isaiah 66) the Lord reveals that He desires those of a contrite heart to look upon.  For anyone to be in the eye of the Lord is a blessing indeed!  Yet the text moves quickly to those who are not the contrite.  Those who have banished the contrite – for the Lord’s sake!? (vs. 5)

Verse 3 speaks of those who twist the laws of God to their own way, those who by a crude spirit, carry out the Word of God as they desire.  They are not interested in true contrition for the breaking of God’s law – but a quick completing of its requirements to the letter…  And what does the One who sees from the heart see?


Swine’s blood!

The sacrifice of a dog!


Following the letter of the law does not always get you the blessing you desire – doing so with a contrite heart of love to God always will!

Lord, may I be always right in my manner of offering, as well as the heart.  For your eye is on the tender broken spirit.

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