Friday, June 1, 2012

Like a wild goat

Still my heart,
      Quiet my spirit.
 For the world has captured my desires once again.

Calm my soul,
      Slow my mind.
 For the worries of the world quickly take root each day.

Steady my heart,
      Hold my hand.
 For I forget You and all the benefits You bestow.

Lord – May You be my desire,
            May You be my gardener,
            May I remember all Your benefits,
                    That I may have
                                                 a still heart,
                                                 a quiet spirit,
                                                  a calm soul,
                                                  a slowed mind,
                                                  a steady heart, and
                                                  a held hand,
                                                                      and not be such a wild goat.

Too often I find distraction when I need to find my Lord.

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