Wednesday, April 18, 2012

They left us

The loss of a loved one is hard to get over. Time heals the wound, but the scar of their having left the world remains. They are vivid reminders of the pain of departing. Today is the 8 year anniversary of Mom’s passing. And April itself has become a bittersweet time also because just over 2 years ago Scott also was taken. They left us for the most part with little warning of the grief their leaving would bring.

They left us, it was their time.
They left us, and now we cry.
Others will leave, we can’t tell who they’ll be
Others will leave, what if it’s me?

They left us, for another place
They left us, and we’re left in the race.
Others will leave, to finish the course,
Others will leave, that we know, of course.

They left us, and now we ache.
They left us, and will we break?
Others will come, to replace they will not,
Others will come, will they fill the spot?

We cannot tell when our time is up
We cannot tell who’ll be next…
Should we live fatally day by day,
or is there a hope for that day?

Only a trust in the righteousness of the one true judge gives one comfort for that day, whether it be our day, or another’s.
Thank You Lord, for your perfect assuring love! Amen.

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