Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can’t force things out

It’s kind of hard to push on the writer and make good written material come out.  I know this, and yet I also know that having a deadline is a good sort of motivator.  In a job it can be an absolute necessity.  I recall us setting a deadline numerous times for a new computer system, but until I began publishing it – daily - no one took it seriously.  Once the sign went up,

89 days ‘til Go-live
Even the boss was more insistent! And we made the deadline.  Was it messy?  YES.  Was it necessary?  ABSOLUTELY! 

But what about blogging?  Should I begin to push a periodic deadline?  And what of the content if I do?  Will it be messy? I really hope not.  Writing can be treated in a pragmatic sort of way - as a tool, or it can be used to promote some opinion or other (which is one of the great forces of the world) as a work of art. 
I prefer that my blogging be a form of art.  The beauty of its style promoting whatever the subject matter is by virtue of its beauty.

So I do seem to have found myself in a struggle, but a good sort of one.  My hope is that as I balance family, work, church, and blogging - I will find the right rhythm and not force things out prematurely. 
Since I am thinking of it, a very excellent work on the subject of good writing is the short treatise by Clive Lewis called, “An Experiment in Criticism” ( Only about 120 pages – but VERY well written and perhaps, in light of my present dilemma, I will read it again…

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