Saturday, December 17, 2011

A blog without an audience?

Am I a writer? Yes, but... If I have no audience, does it really make sense to write? And what do I write about? I guess that is the question.

A blog without an audience is like the old quip, if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?  But the answer to that is that even if no one hears it, it did fall.  And my hope is that just as someone someday walking in the woods will see the fallen tree, perhaps these comments will be read in the future, and if by no one else, perhaps my family – my children will benefit.
What might the topics be?  Lately I can see myself writing a lot about Ron Paul, politics, my Christian Faith, Facebook debates, the economy, the Church, my family, devotionals, and even a bit of poetry (my current poems are found here: – I suppose that’s the point of the name of the blog – anything I want to pontificate about to anyone willing to hear.  This could be a way to exercise my free speech rights, although I wonder if I should fully exercise them, or if by doing so might jeopardize myself or my family in the future… should those rights be taken…
So I hope, that I will be consistent in my habit to write regularly, and that I will be humble enough toward all, since though I do write with conviction, I fully expect some to disagree with me, and that on occasion I may be persuaded that I am wrong – or should be – after all, who is so proud he can never learn from another…

I do not plan to reveal this blog publically until I have proven to myself I am consistent to posting and that there is at least a bit of content for people to review, perhaps early spring I will list it on FB and elsewhere.  If someone does pass by and hears the tree falling before then, simply follow me if you like, but I would ask you not to advertise, just yet.  You can also look at my FB page for more material on who I am here:!/DLCox2

Have a blessed day!

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