Friday, August 29, 2014

A tale of two Uncle Dave's

...or When technology goes awry

Yesterday, on my last day of vacation camping in northern Wisconsin as we traveled we stopped in Wausau.  After getting gas, we went to a large local park to have a picnic lunch and stretch.  Julie thought we should try and contact Sami or Scott, my niece & Nephew who live in Wausau.  Not having Scotty's number I texted Sami, "We are visiting Wausau"  22 minutes later she asked, "Who is this?" and I replied about 7 minutes later "Uncle Dave"

Here is the transcript of our texting...

Sami - Awesome! When?
Dave - We are here in the park
Dave - Fern Island
Dave - Now
Sami - You gonna be there for a while.....carter and I will walk down?
Dave - We can.. How long?
Sami - Be there in 20
Dave - The whole family is waiting!
Dave - We're by the clubhouse (I guess that's what it's called)
Sami - Ok see you in a bit

24 minutes later...
Dave - Near the skate park

5 more minutes...
Sami - Almost there

4 minutes later...
Sami - where you at?
Dave - We have the blue van with the car top carrier

At this point I am noticing a fellow pushing a baby carriage looking around and slowly walk by our van.  I was wondering if perhaps Carter was her boyfriend and that maybe they walked from 2 separate directions to meet us, so I asked him is he was looking for someone.  He said he was looking for Dave and I thrust out my hand, "I'm Dave, is Sami on the way?" At least I think that's what I said... 

Carter said (that's who I thought he was) "I have an Uncle Dave in Aurora" and suddenly we both realized - Sami wasn't Sami.  She had let her cell number go and I was texting a random guy, named Rich, with his baby, Carter!  Oops!

After some further exploratory statements we went our way.  I gave him a coke and a granola bar for his trouble, though the walk out to the park was probably a good thing! 

Moral of the story - If you haven't texted someone for a while, you might want to verify who you're chatting with!!!!

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