Saturday, January 26, 2013

Those who seek the Lord understand...

Evil men do not understand justice,
But those who seek the Lord
understand all. (Proverbs 28:5)

There is a word which describes the evil mindset – twisted.  And one whose mind is set upon evil ways – His conscience bothering him(Romans 2:15) will seek a way to sooth it, to justify his evil ways.  And in doing so he deludes himself that his ways aren’t nearly so evil – after all, look at the good things he does.  After a while he sees the evil path as the good way and righteousness does not even appeal to him, for it appears to be twisted to him…

Yet the pang of conscience is not over – before he is finally given over to the wicked way he knows the justifying of evil by a good act does not follow – at least in the beginning he knows that that is true.  However, once he is given over – none of these ideas cross his mind and his delusion prevails. (Romans 1:21)

But those who seek the Lord understand all.

This is not to say that the righteous know all.  In fact, the verse does not even speak of the righteous.  It speaks of, “those who seek the Lord”.  These ones understand all.  What does that mean?  Certainly not that they know all things, but that understanding will be given them.  It could be said to understand God is to know all…

All of us are twisted at some level.  All of us have gone astray (Isaiah 53:6) – yet those who seek the Lord understand justice especially – for to seek the judge of all the earth is to find oneself judged for all those twisted ways.  And to find that this judge will in no way cast aside any (John 6:37) but he himself seeks all to come to repentance. (I Timothy 2:4) This judge is a righteous judge who will not ignore sin – yet so loving a judge that he volunteered his own son to stand in your place that justice might be meted out as required and still be righteous in letting a sinner go free.

Evil men do not understand justice,
But those who seek the Lord understand all.

Come to the Lord and humbly submit to His lordship – He will by no means acquit the guilty (Numbers 14:18), yet his love knows no boundaries. (I Corinthians 13) From the least to the greatest of sinners, all may be set free. 

Don’t make the mistake of letting pride stand before a Holy righteous judge.  It does not follow that he could let you go on your own merit – unless he is an unrighteous judge.

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