Friday, January 13, 2012

Boxes of time

The other day I was reviewing the contents of some hard disks I saw in the basement, and ended up reminiscing quite a bit.  Many files I had thought were lost to time were still preserved.  As I read through old school papers, some from as far back as 24 years ago, and mused at jpegs that record another world, I was drawn into that world.

Fascinating how we live in this world.  At any given time we can think we are making the best choices, saying the most right thing… yet later we can see how short sighted we have been.  One thing which was encouraging was that although I saw many changes, I also saw some things that never seem to change.  It seems that though I thought I was constantly changing in my ways, I really wasn’t.  Fundamentally I was the same guy, though a bit more patient with people and a bit more tolerant of others faults.  What does this mean?
I am both glad to see this and also not so glad.  Obviously I could become very discouraged if I saw dramatic changes in the beliefs I once held.  If I thought I was becoming less principled and more liberal at a base level – it might even be devastating.  And I say this because looking back can show very dramatically how much I DID change.  The question I need to be asking is whether those changes were fundamental to who I am – and if so, were they for the better.  All men change.  The Scripture is plain about that matter.  Yet to change fundamentally is a compromise no one wants to see – unless such a change was for the better.  The fact that men can change is a huge blessing. 

Many years ago one of my cousins wanted to show me something he was obviously very proud of.  He pulled out an old driver’s license from 20 years ago and put it side by side with his current one.  I was searching to see what was the point when he told me that he was the same. (‘cept for the grey…!)
Consider how our God is.  The Scripture plainly states that God does not change. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).  God is not a man, that he should change (Numbers 23:19).  For God, NOT to change is an essential.  God is by definition perfect.  To change for him would be an abdication of who he is, yet for a man to remain obtuse and not be willing to change over time is akin to Egomania.  It would be the essence of hubris.  To have the humility to see his shortcoming’s and change is a huge blessing.  We all like sheep have gone astray (Isaiah 53:6).  Because of sin, we all NEED to change.  Unfortunately apart from God all our efforts at change will always be insufficient. 

So I was encouraged at the changes I saw in me, as well as that I am essentially still the same guy.  Speaking of which, I was at McDonalds last Wednesday picking up some coffee and other breakfast.  I noticed the price was a bit cheaper but chalked it up to taxes (I was in Wisconsin).  I stuffed the receipt in my pocket and took my food and went to work.  That evening as I looked at the receipt, this is what I read:
SNR COFFEE         .79
SNR DECAF          .79
McSkillet Burrito 2.70

Huh? I got the SENIOR rate??!!  I only just turned 46?!  Yikes!!!  Time has apparently changed me in another way I see….  Well, at least I saved 42 cents!

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